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“ReFounders Indiana is a non-partisan organization committed to educating on the importance of electing constitutional conservatives who will uphold and protect states’ rights under the 10th Amendment by introducing, sponsoring and passing legislation that protects the citizens of Indiana, when the Federal Government oversteps its constitutional boundaries.”

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Rally Against The EPA Bully - "Sovereign Voices" On Air At The Statehouse
Join us on Saturday, November 22 from 4-5 PM as we air interviews with citizens attending the rally.

Refounders Indiana radio show "Sovereign Voices" was there to tape interviews with voices from all over Indiana. Newly elected Representative Curt Nisley was on hand for an interview along with Stephanie McFarland from "Count on Coal". Joan Null of Whitley County spoke about the fight against windmills in northern Indiana. Dan Thiele, Bill Willcutts and Richard Duke from Northeast Indiana spoke about state sovereignty and the fight against the EPA Bully. Rick Barr of IDOL West and Carolyn Flynn from central Indiana gave their viewpoints on this encroaching Federal Government.